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first post... I think....

Hey everyone. Just wanted to say hi and share my concert experience with you all.

My first HHH show was on Friday. Loved it tons. More under the cut, 'cause my stories tend to be long.

I went to go see HHH, Louis XIV, and Editors at the Vic in Chicago on Friday. It was freeeezing cold, but totally worth standing in line because my friends and I got the barricade. Hot Hot Heat played first, which was awesome. I never realized that a band could sound that good live. Seriously, it was incredible.

It was really cool watching them play. Steve was running around like a maniac, heehee, which was fun to see. His voice is crazy amazing live. I was kind of bummed because the crowd didn't really seem to be getting into HHH. Some people were singing along and stuff, but the majority was just standing there. My friend and I went psycho singing and dancing, and I'm pretty positive Steve was looking right at us while he was singing at a couple points.

We were right in front of Dustin (he is the bassist, correct?), which was sweet, 'cause it was an awesome view and really great for pictures (minus the fact that my camera was broken... but my friend's still worked so she has pictures). It was so funny, 'cause all of them make the most interesting faces when they play. You can tell that they're really into the music. It was sweet.

One of my favorite things about their set was that they opened with Jingle Jangle, which is my FAVORITE song of theirs. I started going nuts right off the bat. My voice was gone by the end of Hot Hot Heat's set... which was fine, because I didn't really need to sing during the other 2 bands (I didn't know any of the words... I like Editors, but don't know their music, and Louis XIV is... interesting).

The rest of the show was a lot of fun. The singer of Louis XIV pointed at me (and possibly my friend) during one of their songs... which would have been sweet, except all of their songs are kind of sketchy. (Go look up basically any of their song lyrics and you'll see what I mean...) Louis XIV was really fun to hear, though. They were quite dancey and the bassist is wicked awesome. Editors were sweet as well, although their light show kept blinding me. At one point, the singer actually got on top of his piano while singing, which I thought looked pretty cool. Overall, it was an amazing concert, and I'd love to see any of the bands (but especially HHH) again.

Sorry this was so long... but you were warned! Heehee.

p.s. has anyone else noticed that Steve kind of sticks his tongue out when he sings? lol. it made me smile for some reason.
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