Triumphant and Awesome (petit_chou) wrote in hothotheat,
Triumphant and Awesome

Webster Hall tickets for sale -- help?

I bought two tickets for the October 13th Hot Hot Heat concert at Webster Hall the day they went on sale. Unfortunately, dates have recently been announced for the upcoming Gotham Girls Roller Derby bouts and I've now got a conflict. Since I referee for derby, I need to be there which means AGAIN I am thwarted in my efforts to see HHH live. If you were thinking of buying tickets, perhaps you'd like to buy them off me so I'm not left with two tickets I can't use? I'll sell them for $20 each (what I paid) and will eat the absurd Ticketbastard handling fees ($4.50 each -- TM can suck it). If you can use them, let me know -- I've got the printed tickets and will mail them to you or drop them with you somewhere here in the city (I work in midtown).
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