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Nokia Trends 11/25/06

Hi everyone!
Well, i don't know why people don't post here anymore... So, i'm going to up here and well, this is my firts post here.

The week before, Hot Hot Heat did a concert here in Brazil (São Paulo), with We are Scientists, Bravery, Ladytron... in a festival called nokia trends.
I didn't go to the concert but i figured out some stuffs about it.

The setlist: No, Not Now/Island of the Honest Man/Get In Or Get Out/Dirty Mouth/Talk To Me, Dance With Me/Middle of Nowhere/Le Le Low/You Owe Me An IOU/Jingle Jangle/Oh, Goddamnit/Naked In The City Again/Elevator/This Town/Goodnight Goodnight/Save Us S.O.S./Bandages

And on youtube has some videos, without good quality, but very nice!

I think that's all, hope you like.
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